Hey everyone,
I've been taking Effexor 225mg (and 10mg of Benazepryl for slightly elevated blood pressure) for two plus years. I initially experienced the common dizziness, brain zaps, and other side effects most commonly prescribed at first, but eventually got to a stable point where my depression was under control and there were little to no side effects.

Recently I have started to feel the same dizziness, sort of faded feeling ( I personally call it the "chemical burn out" feeling) when I take my medication in the morning. I always take the meds with food and have a cup of coffee about an hour later. The coffee seems to make the dizziness much worse and it can sometimes last all day. I've since mostly removed the coffee but continue to experience the same symptoms as before.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms this far into treatment? Can anyone relate to this "Chemical Burn out" feeling i'm describing?