Dexamethasone is causing a lot of jittery-ness and other problems. It's being used to prevent nausea from chemo in a recurrence of soft tissue sarcoma and also (I'm guessing) to help prevent allergic reaction to Taxotere that many patients have.

My question is this: I presume taking it twice a day before chemo, the day of chemo and the day after chemo is for the purpose of keeping the steroid "built up" (sustained in the bloodstream).

It's not a time-release pill. So, how about instead of taking 2 pills a day (8 hours apart), could they just be broken in half and taken every 4 hours (twice a day at even intervals)?
I'm thinking this would still allow it to build up but wouldn't hit the body as hard all at one time (blood sugar skyrocket/plummet and adrenal skyrocket and plummet... or whatever it is that thing is doing to cause the side effects)

I don't understand enough about the way this drug works to discern whether it would reduce its effectiveness or not but I trust that it was compounded(?) evenly where the active ingredients are distributed mostly equally on both halves of the pill.

Other than eating several small meals a day with protein in each (for the blood sugar effects), is there anything else that can be done?