Been diagnosed diabetic type 2 for 3 months but probably had it for longer before it was found.. cannot tolerate Metformin so on Alogliptin which is much gentler.. However my tummy is now huge!. I feel like I am going to explode and am equivalent to 8 months pregnant in looks... I feel like I am just getting bigger everyday.. I am vegetarian on a low carb diet but have a lot of health issues, CPAP, leg ulcers, high BP etc.. no-one seems bothered.. I try and excercise gently but have severe back injuries from past accidents and cannot move the legs and feet much. please help.. does anyone else feel like they are having a baby... am 55 and post menopausal with normal thyroid.. have run out of ideas and am getting scared my 5'2" cannot carry 25 stone much longer :(