I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question or not, but I have been abusing oxy's and vicodins for the past two years or so; I was up to using approximately 20 pills x day at my heaviest use. Anyhow, I am a part of a 'system' where there are several of us inside one body (DID) and the suboxone is working for me, but my other parts are struggling with the dosage - I'm suppose to be at 16mgs x day but that makes my other parts really sick while I feel pretty good. I was the only one using opiates while the others really didn't... most other people don't understand, but the 'body' chemistry can be different depending on who is 'out' in the body... so when I take the subs and then someone else comes out (and due to the long half-life of the subs) they react to the subs left in the body since their receptors are not as messed up as mine. Is there anyone out there by any chance who can relate to this and if so, how did you overcome this problem?