I use Opana 40 ER 3 x a day and do not wish to be put on oxycontin due to all the bad things I have heard that this drug has done to people. What would be another long term option? I don't like to switch medications because I am on so many. I have only been using Opana for about 6 or 7 months and I have been sweating profusely and am not sure if this medication or other factors such as a complete hysterectomy are doing this to me? I am also wandering if the Opana can be affecting my blood pressure and that may be the reason? My face becomes flush, I sweat and then have cold chills. I had hoped this would subside after taking the medication for awhile but it seems to only be getting worse, my skin is breaking out and I pick at it due to nerves. Now I need to go to a dermataligest to try and get some help with my skin problems.