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I would like to know if long time use of methadone will cause loss of bone marrow?

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snakelady628 10 Apr 2012

Yes, it does. The one thing nobody mentions is the fact it will rot your teeth out. Most things I have read online chalk it up too an addict already having bad teeth.. Its bull. and not always the case. Ive been on methadone for about 5yrs but not for drug addiction but for a pain med. Its starting to ruin my teeth and it sucks as this is the only pain med thats given back somewhat of a life. Methadone use for drug addiction im really not for, but I dont judge. Jsut what have seen wth these clinics are they over medicate these ppl (using way to high of a dose) getting ppl more addicted to what they went there for to begin with and its harder to get off of. I use 60 Mg for pain (severe) along with other pain meds and have seen methadone clinic patients on 200mg plus.. thats INSANE! BTW: they also dont tell you anything over 60mg put you in a higher bracket for heart problems. People are dying because of being over medicated..Methadone is a long acting drug, it dont go away in 24hrs. Severe withdrawls wont even start til around 4-5 days without it. Long Term use of this drug is no good, Unless its absolutely necessary like in my case.

Jaimeheart 10 Apr 2012

This is true & I'm glad u don't judge luv ;) they put me on 120mls (UK) highest u can get I had to have heart scans every fortnight . I've been on maintenance detox fr over 4 yrs I'm only on 10 mls now a few months & I'll b free altho I have hardly any back teeth & my four front teeth are gone I've had a plate put in as I have a life now & I've come so far but I'll have the inner & putter scars to remind me of the hell I put myself & family thru x keep well x free discount card

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