I have been tappered off effexor by 37.5g a week, I was originally on 112.5? 75g + 37.5g and I am having serious side effects. It has been 6 days so far and I'm having extreme nausea, shaking, hot and cold, head shakes/electric shocks, vertigo, sweating, abdomen pain, constipated diarrhea ( I could keep going). It's almost unbearable, I can't even eat because of how sick(lost 4kg) I feel and none of the medication to help reverse the nausea has helped at all.

In return of this, I have gone to doctors thinking that I am sick but with still no diagnosis, we have booked in BLOOD TESTS and Cat scans, I'm currently on anti-biotic for a UTI also.

I'm hoping that when I speak to my psychiatrist tomorrow that he will consider putting me back on the medication and taking me off it much slower. I do believe this may be discontinuation syndrome/withdrawals and have read up about how awful this medication is. I envy the doctor that put me on it.

I would also like to add that I had terrible withdrawal symptoms like this when I didn't take my medication within the hour.

Is this common? Does it sound like what I am describing and I really just need help with how I can manage this and if what I'm thinking about going back on the medication will help?