I had two seizures one week away from the other when I was twelve years old, both occurred during sleep. After five year treatment of topamax 50 mg treatment was interrupted. A seizure reoccured one month after again during sleep. All eegs taken while on treatment were always evaluated as normal. The cause of my epilepsy was never identified. After this very last seizure which occurred when I was seventeen years old, I never had one seizure again. I am now twenty five. Treatment during these 8 years was actually on and off due to the rejection of my condition. This said I have never interrupted treatment altogether but was slowly discontinued by myself without any medical advice. I haven't taken any advice on my condition during recent years as I have grown slightly confident that my condition isn't at all invalidating and I live a normal life. About one year ago I stopped taking medication altogether. I haven't had any seizure but I would like some professional insight on my case. My sleep is absolutely normal and no signs of seizures was ever found. Waiting for your kind response. Best regards.