Because my coverage was not excepted by the pain management team in the hospital after discharge they refused any appointments or to do any consultation now I am stuck on 50 mcg phentanyl running out of Percocet and my surgeons assistant refused to write any more pain meds they also made it clear the pain management would not take me as an out patient . I was on Percocet for 5 years do to misdiagnosis. As soon as neurosurgeon did 8 hrs Mri's he found the cysts, tumer and muceol in my head along with what could have been a problem with my trigeminal nerve he put me on strong medication and for the first time I had no triggered headaches that we're debilitating just bad head aches. I stopped taking the Percocet went into heavy withdrawals an went to the hospital to oversee my physical withdrawal 4 days later I was a new man now after the second surgery nov 19 I am stuck put on phentanyl you know the rest. This seems criminal and at the least unethical.