On 12/09/2015 I had disc decompression done between L3-L4 with 2 fusions done on back of the two vertebraes and since then I've had no headaches nor any pains down either hands or arms other than numbness in thumb and 1st fingers of the right hand which is new and I'll take that over the former neck pains I'd dealt with for 10 years prior. My question here is I've recently developed constant pain on right side of the L3-L4 going down into the right shoulder. Icing the area temporarily relieves the pain along with use of Voltaren Gel. The pain seems to be coming from where 1 of the fusion was done. Does this indicate failed fusion? Have been wearing the soft neck brace 24/7 and no heavy physical activity have yet to start physical therapy and i am dued to return to work in 4 weeks. I am still on pain meds with goal to wean off over the next 4 weeks. Is this pain normal and will it get better or should I ask the Dr for xrays to be sure fusion is still good?