Hi! I had my Administrative Law Judge hearing last September and was denied and now in appeals. I heard that less than 2% are approved or ALJ decision overturned. I have two questions. First has anyone had any success recently with being accepted for these conditions? The judge said that there was no medical tests proving my disability, but my lawyer has five different Dr.s that I have seen over the past 7 years that say that I am disabled. They filled out all the forms and everything. There is no test that proves those conditions but I do have an X-ray showing degenerative back disease.
The judge based his decision off of the fact that there where no medical tests proving my disability plus their Dr. who did not see me said that I was not and a one time visit to one of their Psych Dr.'s said that I was not. I have the above stated conditions on top of loss of bowel and bladder on occasion, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADD and constant Chronic Pain and degenerative back disease. I am looking for any information good or bad. I know no one could know for sure, but I am asking for your experiences. I am 44 and have an Associates degree, worked for over 25 years straight. Have tried to work in 2006 for three months, 2007 for four months and in 2008 as an AFLAC agent and could not even keep an independent contractors license. They fired me twice for lack of production. I never had any gaps in my employment before and made very good money. I don't understand how they could think that I would go from making $50,000 a year to nothing voluntarily. I love being dependent on the government for food and housing... NOT Thanks for anything even if it is just support. I am at my wits end.