After months and months, I was finally approved for Disability Benefits. I was told by the lawyer to call the Medicaid office to tell them so they could recall their denial as it should be approved now because Disability was approved. My next step for medicaid approval was to file an appeal with the Courts within the next 30 days. I live in Illinois and was denied twice already.

The Disability letter stated I needed a re-evaluation in one year. Is this normal? I thought a permanent disability would mean permanent benefits. How often do people with disabilities need re-evaluations?

Thank you for all your support my friends! You have carried me through the toughest time of my life. It looks like I can finally get my surgery and hopefully live in less pain. Is this maybe the reason for the re-evaluation so soon after approval? Also, if/when Medicaid is approved, I was told they pay the past medical bills. Do they also reimburse for prescriptions that were paid out of pocket? Thanks for any tips, advice, comments, etc.

One more thing, thank you so much for the prayers for my dear friend who had brain surgery. He is recuperating well, getting stronger each day. Your support and prayers were much appreciated and helped so much!!