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Direct me to finding the shapes and sizes of the various 'Fentanyl' patches. Please Jiml2?

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HeadStarter 17 Oct 2012

Hello jlonneke and welcome to DC. I am not sure why you need to know shapes and sizes. Do you mean "strengths" and how they "look"??? Depending on the manufacturer... they do come in various rectangular shapes. They come in many different doses too. Your prescribing doctor is the best one to talk this issue over with. I am on 100mcg of fentanyl patch and change it every 3 days. Watson is the manufacturer of the one I use. They are not the only manufacturer...

Be well and take good care of you.


jlonneke 17 Oct 2012

Thank you for your response.
I have been trying to find the physical size & shape of the various Fentanyl patches. Some are flat and some are bubbles and as the dosage goes up so does the size. I am now on Watson, 50mcg for 72, and they are 1 5/8" x 3 3/4". The Tegaderm film I have is to small for this patch, which means I need 2 films per shower. After showering and in removing the film the patch comes off with them. The films start coming off in the middle of the shower as well. So I will continue to find ways to work with what I have.
Again thanks for your time.
Jim Lonneke

HeadStarter 17 Oct 2012

Now I understand your issue. There is a clear protective bandage that can be placed over the entire fentanyl patch but it is meant to stay in place until it is time to change the patch. You state 72 hours which is the same as 3 days. You can get these at your pharmacy. Watson is the best as far as "sticking" or adherence goes.

Be well and take good care.


jlonneke 17 Oct 2012

Thanks again,
I am using Tegaderm for covers, they only stick to me about 3 hours and I end up paper tape over all.
I am moving on, Dr and I are going to come up with something else.
Over and out - appreciate you input.


HeadStarter 18 Oct 2012

Wow, only 3 hours??? Good grief!!! I understand your frustration because these darn things aren't cheap!

I hope you and doctor can figure out another option. In the meantime, be well and do take good care of you. I hope you are enjoying the fall folliage... it is magnificent in Connecticut!

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