I have had HBP for a long time and have been on several different medications to control it over the years. Lately I was switched to Diovan because of my insurance company not willing to pay for the one I was on prior to Diovan. Anyway, I had to have a stent placed in my circumflex artery of my heart back in April due to a blockage that was detected when I had a stress test done. I have an artificial tissue aortic valve that was placed in March of 2005 and have had stress tests done regularly since then. I also have severe osteoarthritis and my left knee needs to be replaced, lately it has been the cause of really bad pain episodes and the orthopedic M.D. is doing a series of Synvisc injections since I cannot go off the Plavix and ASA regimen till the stent is a year old. My cardiologist just recently put me on Zocor, I took it for about 12 days and my legs hurt me so bad I could hardly walk (some but not all the pain coming from the bad knee) and I was extremely weak in my legs. I stopped the Zocor and the weakness has cleared up, but not the pain. I know I am rambling on and on, but I have so many different problems that it causes me to ramble when I try to tell someone about them. It is so hard to cope with all the different doctors and none wanting to discuss anything that isn't in their field of endeavor.