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I was just diognosed with SIADH how do you get controle with you fluid intake?

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kaismama 10 Apr 2014

Your fluid intake should be less then what you put out. It takes measuring. Your dr may give you an amount of fluid not to exceed. The easiest thing to do is put a piece of paper on your frig and make down whenever you drink something. Keep a measuring cup handy to measure your drinks. You also need to keep a measuring cup in the bathroom to measure how much you urinate. You can put a paper in there too to write down how much you go. If you sweat allot that counts too. Your dr will keep track of your serum sodium level and your urine osmolity. Sometimes lasix is added to cause you to urinate more.

midnightz 10 Apr 2014

SIADH mean that you have an excess of water in your body. You therefore have to remove more water (ie urinate) than you take in (ALL liquids including anything in food). Ideally, your doctor should have calculated your free water clearance (basically checks electrolytes in your urine versus that in your blood) to have an idea whether fluid restriction would work and how much to restrict.

At the minimum, you should restrict fluids to 1 L per day. Some people might need to restrict further to 500 ml. In others, fluid restriction may not work regardless of intake.

Additional information: SIADH is a disorder that usually occurs secondary to another disease so I hope that has been diagnosed or is in the process of being diagnosed. Hyponatraemia (low levels of sodium, which is what you have) can cause cognitive dysfunction (ie to do with the brains thinking) and can make you more prone to falls (it can be like being drunk) so be wary of any symptoms like these.

If fluid restriction fails, ask your doctor about tolvaptan (Samsca) - it's a tablet for treating SIADH, can potentially normalise your sodium levels much more promptly than fluid restriction.

Angie1960 16 Apr 2014

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