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Diltiazem is very expense what else can my doctor try, he took me off Norvasc?

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kaismama 21 Apr 2014

Are you on Diltiazem CD? Because regular diltiazem is cheap. For both of them if you google the name then coupons you'll find ones that make it much better in price.
Your best bet would be to get a price list of bp meds from your pharmacy, than talk to your dr. Blood pressure meds have bounced around in price pretty much over the past 6 mos.

dakmaknk 21 Apr 2014

I agree I just filled my diltiazem 240mg and it cost $17.46. This is the regular one that I take. This was the regular price retail pharmacy price.

DzooBaby 21 Apr 2014

If you cant afford the controlled release diltiazem CD then you can take the regular diltiazem, you'll just have to take it three or four times a day. Kaismama gave you a good suggestion. See if the pharmacy can give you a list of the prices of blood pressure meds then you and your Dr can decide what is best for the price you can afford. I take Atenolol and HCTZ for my blood pressure and they are both dirt cheap. free discount card

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