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What are the dilodid that used to be called shakers?

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madhupjoshimd 27 Mar 2013

I have no answer as I do not understand the question.
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

kaismama 27 Mar 2013

It works better if its spelled right. Most of us are not people who buy drugs on the street, so we don't know these things. Its dilaudid.

DzooBaby 27 Mar 2013

The drug is Dilaudid. I am unfamiliar with the term "shakers"

DzooBaby 27 Mar 2013

I couldnt even find this term on sites that explain drug slang.

kathyhanson 28 Mar 2013

I'm with you, guys. I've never heard of "shakers". I checked online and found that "shake" is marijuana laced with powder cocaine. A "shaker" is one of the items needed to freebase cocaine (i.e., shaker/baker/water) which are a shaker bottle, baking powder and water. I got this from a drug dictionary on It says nothing about dilaudid as "shakers". Sorry 285champ. Here on DC, we don't do well with slang terms for drugs. We prefer name brand or generic, rather than "street" terms. Maybe you just thought that "shakers" was "dilodid" (?). Best of luck.

PoisonAlice 29 Mar 2013

We here in upstate NY always used the term shake for the dusty stuff that settles on the bottom of a bag of marijuana... maybe it's a regional thing. Who knows hehe. free discount card

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