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Why are dilaudids hard to find?

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Inactive 1 Apr 2012

the dea and federal agencies associated with the dea, fbi, cia and any other alphabet soup you can find are in the midstof chasing down pill mills and people who get others to go to pain clinics, get medsand take the filled scripts to their dealer du jour (of the day). alot of this is going on in florida, where i live, anddrugstores are being broken into and their supplies are stolen, and that happened twice to the same drugs store in two months. now, the pharmacy keeps only a small amounts of narcotics on hand at any one time especially anything stronger than a 5 mg percocet.

i don't know why you are on hydromorphone, dilaudid, are you a chronic pain patient or a post-op surgery patient? post-op is the most common reason for dilaudid being prescribed, especially if the post-op individual is already on major pain meds due to chronic pain management.

it might be a good idea to call the pharmacies in your area to find one that can fill your script. i don't know if they would admit to having any med in stock, even the one i go to and have been for 8 years, always goes to check the stock to tell me if they can fill my script of 120 oxycodones or 15 50 mcg fentanyl patches.

didn't used to be this way, i can remember a time the pharmaceutical companies left samples of class 2 narcotics at doc's offices. my dad was a doc, and i could always find what i wanted in his stock room or he would just right me out a script and i would go straight to the drug store to get it filled and not even pay for them... just say put 'em on daddy's tab. my father was the one who taught me there was a pill for everything and started giving me narcotics at an early age, about 13. that yas 43 years ago and oh my have things changed. the 1960's and 70's were lotsa fun... but no more.

i hope i answered your question adequately.

peace out,
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