Hi, I am an RSD/CRPS unfortunate sufferer for close to 2 years now. I've been through just about every opiate including, but not limited to; morphine,methadone,percocet,lortab,hydrocodone,oxycodone,etc. When my pain spikes I end up in the ER on a regular basis, (an aggitating subject in itself since NO ONE knows what this disease is.) They end up giving me iv injections of valium and dilaudid. I take the vicodin on a regular basis through my dr. but have never received a script for dilaudid for pain. It IS the only med that provides break-through pain relief. I've talked to both my dr. and pain mgmt dr. about this but so far no scripts for the dilaudid. My pain mgmt dr prefers all scripts come from my RSD doc for the benefit of not crossing scripts. I am currently a med student and have no problem injecting myself if need be, although I do see dilaudid also comes in oral doses. Is any other RSD/CRPS patient taking this drug and if so how'd you get your dr. to prescribe? Does the dilaudid work for you? I'm really tired of being a guinea pig on higher doses of alternative meds that DO NOT work and having to live w/alot of side effects from something I'm not receiving a benefit from. Thanking you for any help and God Bless.