i had all of my teeth extracted 3 years ago, and from that i got severe nerve damage. i am in pain 24/7 for 3 years now.
i have tried nerve blocks, and all of the meds out there for nerve damage. the only thing that helped was tramadol, but ofcourse the manufacture that i was on "apotex" got shut down temporarly by the fda (they said it's cuz of some error in there paperwork). well they have been shut down since november,2009. i have tried alot of different manufactures of tramadol and they all gave me extreme headaches, they all had up to 9 to 11 inactive ingredients in them, while the one from the manufacture "apotex" only had 5 in active ingredients and never gave me headaches. well i tried vicodin which didn't help at all, and the percocet (oxycodone) that i am currently on isn't helping that much anymore. do you think that dilaudid would help for my nerve pain thats in my mouth, in my top and bottom gums?? my nerve pain feels like i have toothaches going on all the time. :-(
i have been going to a pain clinic for 2 years now.