Hello, my ex has a back disability (10 years) has a Dilaudid pump implanted in him that is refilled. He's also an alcoholic that started drinking again last June 2014. Someone called the place where he gets his pump filled and told them about the drinking. They made him sign a contract that he would not drink or no more pain meds. He is livid. He is blaming my 20 year old daughter for calling, but now thinks its me. He's so mad that my daughter is defending me that he moved from the lower half of the duplex my daughter and he share during the summer to the upper half and refuses to talk to her. My daughter is afraid of what he will do. I can't imagine him picking drinking over a relationship with his daughter and the pain meds he needs. He's extremely verbally and emotionally abusive to my daughter especially when drinking, so hopefully if he's not drinking it will get better. Do you think it was a good idea for this person to call? How can I help my daughter? Moving out isn't an option as she has 2 dogs to take care of (he won't). Thank you.