I have dilaudid 8mg and they are still not taking away my pain. I was in the hospital for c diff (bacteria in the GI tract) and crohns. They were giving it thru my IV and it took about 75% of the pain away- they also tried phentonal (not sure how to spell) and it took away the pain but it made me vomit for 3 days so they went back to the IV treatment, I have been out of the hospt for about a week now and am still in a lot of pain. They have me Percocet 5mg to take one every 6 hours and it didn't take any pain away. A friend gave me the dilaudid 8mg and it kinda helps. Am I not taking it right? I have tried taking it with food and without food. Is it possible to take IV treatment at home? I need help and don't know what to do. Is there any other way to take the meds so they work better? I am not trying to catch a buzz I just want this pain to go away. Any advice?