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Why does dilaudid when given 2mg in i.v. work better for pain than the 4mg pills I take at home?

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balbanese 3 Jul 2012

This is true for just about anything administered sub q or I.V. I do not know the technical terminology, but in layman's terms anything injected right into the bloodstream is going to be much, much more potent/effective than a pill that has to pass through the digestive system, where it is exposed to a plethora of chemicals, acids and processes.

If only it wasn't that way! Hope this helps.

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Keith Carter 3 Jul 2012

Thank you balbanese. I've been wondering

Lisa01 4 Jul 2012

Great answer Billy, a big thumbs up to you! :)

balbanese 4 Jul 2012

aYou are very welcome, and thank you Lisa.

DzooBaby 4 Jul 2012

Its called bioavailability. Since an IV drug is injected directly into the vein, you are able to process almost all of the drug. When a drug goes through the digestive system, you dont get all of the drug. The bioavailability is lower.

Dumpster Diver 4 Jul 2012

Love learning the big word!

Inactive 4 Jul 2012

I have to agree with most of the other answers to this... when you take a pill it has to go through your digestive tract to get to your blood stream so you don't get the full amount. when it is injected directly into your blood stream you get the full amount. that is why heroin users like IV injections better than IM or snorting... I know that with Demerol pills, if the doctor gives you 100 mg pills your stomach only absorbs about 50mgs... also, when they inject the drug directly into your IV your get the effects right away because it only takes a few seconds to get to your brain. I hope this helps to answer your question... :)

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