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How much Dilauded is equivalet to Lortab 7.5/500?

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kaismama 23 May 2013

Comparing dilauded to lortab is kind of like comparing a freight train to a smart car. Dilauded is a much stronger drug. 1 mg would be about all you'd need.

cupcake7667 23 May 2013

That is the truth! We are talking hydrmorphone vs hydrocodone. Two different leagues. I'm on 4 8 mg dilaudid up to 4 x a day, but suffer from horrendous pain and multitude of other issues. It's something you would ease onto under your doctors care. The hydrocodone family is the weakest of opiates but if it helps you, I encourage you to stay on or you just keep getting tolerant and doses raised. I didn't read your whole thread or maybe that's all it asked, but if your are struggling with pain relief maybe you need to add in an extended release per your doc. Hope that helps! Regards, the freight train (just kiddin KM but not really :))) ) free discount card

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