..Hi there, I have tried to withdraw from heroin on at least four seperate occasions, without any?. degree of success what so ever. I have tried a combo of herbal remedies and over-the-counter items like immmodium etc and I have employed the 'Thomas Recipe'; alas, to no avail. This time I am determined to succeed with my home etox. Basically I have armed myself with around 500ml of methadone and 100 30mg tablets of dihydrocodeine (df's). I found a reaseard document from an American university which was a comparison study between the effectivness of df's vs methadone in terms of successfully weaning heroin addicts off the drug. The df's hailed victorious! i copied down the ten day treatment plan of the df's with reference to how many, when and how to take them and intend to follow this plan. I just want to know what people think about adding in a little meth to make absolutely sure I Ddont suffer any withdrawaals. I have allowed for tapering down the ingestion of both substances in a very short soace o ftime. I want to get this shit out my system in ten days so will taper down the dfs and meth gradually each day, by that point i will have no heroin in my body, i will just be left with the residue of the meth and dfs which i intend to take as illiberally as possible and wean down to notiing. What do people think of my plan? Any advice or suggestion son how to immporive this? To be honest Im not interested in being lextured about the dangers of either dfs or meth as i am already taking a life destroying drug. I am a cerebrally capable women who has made her choice, I will not chaneg my mind about my method I simply wich to know if anyone has experienceof the same method or has any words of wisdom. Thanks so much in advace. IM SCARED!!!