I started weaning myself of codeine early this year and managed to get through codeine withdrawal and tramadol withdrawal and have successfully stayed of these drugs for 4 mths now. I now have had bad digestive problems ever since I stopped taking them that niggle at me everyday and are starting to get me down.

These are nausea, sometimes vomiting bloating, just general abdominal discomfort. This has been happening for at least three mths. I have been on nexium and am now taking somac for damage probably caused by the ibuprofen etc. I no longer take ibuprofen. Just regular panadol as my pain is improving. My question is basically has anyone who has successfully gone off these drugs after long term use (6 years) had stomach problems like this and does it improve. I have a referral for a gastoscopy etc to rule out other problems but think I can put it down to long term opiate and anti inflammatory use. Could I still be having withdrawal from codeine too? SORRY. I know this is a ramble so please make sense of my question if you can. It's hard enough coming off long term codeine/tramal use as it is without having long term stomach issues after wards. Farout what a slog. Thanks so much for any support or advice. Bless you all who help on these forums. You have gotten me through some very tough times in the past. xxxooo