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kaismama 9 Jan 2013

You answered your own question about the insurance. They don't pay because its so expensive. It is one of the few meds specifically for c diff, so the drug companies feel they are justified in price gouging us to get rich.

cupcake7667 9 Jan 2013

Like I always say, until the pharmaceutical companies get off their greedy train and actually either make a generic that is the exact same med or or put in into the third tier of meds where it's brand name but only charges the rate they do for brand name drugs, which is usually $40, we aren't going to have access to these meds unless we skip a mortgage payment or rent for a month. You're doctor can fight them, where you need a prior auth and your doc sends in the paperwork justifying why you need the med and if that doesn't work, a good doc will then threaten an internal review which costs insurance companies $5000 at which point they'll probably ok the med for a specific time frame because they're greedy and don't want to pay that... my doc has done this several times for me so I can get the meds I need where there's brand name only... ask your doctor for help. free discount card

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