a. I get muscle spasms all over the body including torso (more in lower body) all the time (more at night). Often triggered by stretching or everyday movements. Movement of muscles in multiple planes such as twisting will easily and surely cause them.
b. I am male and 64.
c. Diagnosed with hypo-thioridism about a year ago and on 100mcg of synthroid.
d. I am also taking 300mg Apo-Quinine once daily at bed time for muscle spasms. Initially seemed to help, but has become less effective.
e. Was also on apo-cyclobenzaprine 10 mg. This did not help.
f. also suffer from rest leg syndrome and take 1 mg premipexole (mirapex) at bed time. The condition is well under control.
Just wanna control the spasms and keep them from getting worse. I shall be grateful any guidance provided.