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Whats the diffrence in hydrocodone an hydrocodon?

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kaismama 16 Nov 2012

The second is spelled wrong. Hydrocodone is the medication.

girly 3 17 Nov 2012

thanks for your answer but thats how its spelled on my med bottle

DzooBaby 16 Nov 2012

If you are looking at a medicine bottle, they just ran out of room to print out the full spelling of hydrocodone. It is the same drug.

girly 3 17 Nov 2012

thanks you may be right cause i have some bottles spelled one way an others the other so i thought it was two diffrent

happybrandee 16 Nov 2012

There is no such drug as "Hydrocodon" it's only "Hydrocodone" it is a misprint or typeo or something, but "Hydrocodon" does not exsist.

girly 3 17 Nov 2012

yea its weird my bottle has that spelling an an older bottle has the other?

happybrandee 17 Nov 2012

yeah... I've had the same thing on pill bottles, it's probably just that the computer printer wasn't lined up right with the label size. But it was a good question to ask . :)

Taylorand 19 Feb 2014

Hydrocodon (no e)- acetaminophen 10-500 is a generic version of lortab. free discount card

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