I was on Lorazepam 3 Xs/day for 2 years due to panic attacks/anxiety associated with my mother's death. It has been six months and I was down to .125 mgs 2Xs/day. I saw the psych a week ago and he lowered it to .125 mgs 1X/day. Over the months, I have had difficulty with horrible withdrawal symptoms so I asked the psych if the dosage (even though small) could be lowered by 10% at a time or so. He said that when most of his patients have been down to .5 mgs once/day for a month, he then has them stop it altogether. So for 2 days, I took one .125 mgs/day, then based on what the psych said, since it is such a low dose, on the 3rd day, I decided to try stopping altogether... but I felt like I couldn't breathe so I went back to the .125 mgs once/day. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can anyone tell me why, even at such a low dose, trying to stop this medication altogether can make me feel like I can't breathe?