I am a male in my early 40's and have been overweight since my mid 20's. In the past year my doctor and I have discussed my weight, eating habbits, work routine, exercise, etc. I said my biggest thing was from noon to bedtime I'm constantly hungry! I feel I could eat a meal and an hour later I'm looking for more food. We discussed weight loss drugs and the new ones on the market. I had to see a nutritionist twice a month for 2 months BEFORE she would even prescribe me something. I did learn a lot about food, eating habits, fiber, protein, etc. and even lost some weight.

After that prescribed me the drug phentermine which is only approved for short term use. I tried it for 4 months with good success losing about 20 pounds. Unfortunately I had to go off the drug for serveal months as it's not for long term use. In that time I gained back 13 pounds. We tried it again after that for another 3 months with not much success.

After those 3 months we decided to try Contrave which I had good results with for several months but then the effects seemed to go away and again was hungry all day again. And here we are now...

phentermine is a "stimulant" and thought to reduce hunger. Contrave is suppose to work on the part of the brain that is your "reward" center and suppose to surpress appetite and cravings. Both seemed to work in the beginning but then lost thier effectiveness. Does my body just seem to reject the effectiveness of "weight loss" drugs after time? Thoughts on trying Belviq? Or does that work on the same part of the brain as Contrave? What about the Victoza? Heard that acts on the brain/stomach feeling full? Anybody that's tried different weight loss drugs or knows more? Any info, feedback or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for your time!!!