... nothing that works. What can I do? When I get a migraine my only relief is to go to the emergency room and get a strong pain shot & then go home and go to bed & I'm finally able to lie down and go to sleep & usually when I get up my migraine is gone. I have yet been able to find any medication that I can take by mouth to get rid or ease my migraines. I get them so bad that it even hurts for me to lay my head down on the pillow. I've gotten them so bad that I have actually thought about ramming my head into the wall. I really don't think it could make it hurt any worse. At times it will start slow and take a few days until I'm crying & begging somebody to take me to the emergency room & other times I will be fine & all of a sudden it's like wam bam here I am & I'm in tears begging somebody to take me to the emergency room. Usually when I wind up at the emergency room and they give me a pain shot it works & other times depending on how severe it is they may have to give me a second shot before it will start to ease off. I starting having them when I was 19 yrs old & I'm now 58. I've been having them almost 40 years & I'm tired of having them. Sometimes I may only have 1-2 a month & and other times I may have 4-5 a month. Please any help that you can suggest will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Renee VanSickel