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Why are different routes of administration available for promethazine?

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kaismama 23 Sep 2013

By mouth, IM, and rectal suppository

Inactive 24 Sep 2013

The "WHY" is because this med is used to reduce and/or prevent vomiting, and having different delivery methods gives you options in case one or two methods aren't working. For instance, I have Croihns Disease and vomiting is frequent, sometimes to the point that I often vomit up my pill before it is dissolved, therefore, not getting the benefit of the med.. Having the other methods available then are very helpful, ie, cant throw up what they put in IV, etc.

HeadStarter 24 Sep 2013

Good, helpful and useful answer for everyone. And, not everybody is aware of the various means of administration. Thumbs up for you!


Inactive 25 Sep 2013

HeadeStarter - Thank you for the positive feedback!! Its nice to know when ones experiences can help others. free discount card

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