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I have two different pills in one bottle and I can only find one of them?

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Inactive 1 Feb 2013

Hello candycooked. Not certain what your question is? Regards pledge

DemoninDC 1 Feb 2013

You need to provide more information so people can help you. Please describe the pills in detail if that is the issue.

candycooked 1 Feb 2013

Ok I am sorry I have a prescription Oxycodone 15 mg tab and one of the pills in the bottle I was able 2 find here its green with A 214 on one side then the other pill green has 187 on it and I could not find that pill here on the pill identifer so I dont understand why they would give me 2 different pills in the same bottle and how come I cant identify this other pill what is it did they make a mistake when they filled it or what I hope this explains better than the first time I asked

DemoninDC 2 Feb 2013

The round green pill with the 187 marking on it is a Oxycodone Hydrochloride 15 mg. It is made by Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories. The manufacturer for the A 214 pill is Actavis. The pharmacy was probably 1 pill short on filling your order so they used the pill from Caraco to complete your order. The pharmacist should have said something to you so that you knew it was intentional. I guess a lot of people do not question what meds they receive from the pharmacy. That is how mistakes are made worse. I hope this helps.

kaismama 1 Feb 2013

That is a dangerous practice. If you give us all the details of the one you don't know I may be able to find it for you. We need color, shape, any markings on it. free discount card

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