I had a terrible reaction to halothane in 1968, developed halothane hepatitis, lost half my liver and spent years regenerating it. Anesthesiologists over the years have refused to give me general anesthesia because inhaled gases are too close to halothane. Midazolam as a sedative has made me vomit and when used recently in a TIVA using Propofol, I became anxious almost hysterical, vomited and had hiccups for over 24 hours. Are there other drugs that can provide amnesia? Can Propofol? Should I try awake? I'm looking at another surgery requiring muscle relaxants. I should add that I was awake and recall at least 5 minutes of my last surgery despite Propofol and Midazolam. I wasn't feeling any pain so I was intrigued rather than alarmed but the anesthesiologist must have noticed and added more anesthesia.