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Do different chain pharmacies carry specific brands of pain meds?

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DzooBaby 7 Dec 2016

yes, they can. Some use certain generics and brand name meds, some use very few brand name meds and may have to order them if you need a brand name only. Most of them have particular generics companies they work with and others change generics frequently depending on who they can get the best deals from.

TJ80 7 Dec 2016

Yes- they may stock different generic brands of pain meds. However that should not effect the potency or dependability of the drug.Pharmacies will normally carry whichever generic is cheaper for them. If two local pharmacies have different suppliers they may carry different generics.

ChrisMDe 8 Dec 2016

Yes, all the big chains limit the brands that they carry. The way around this, if available in your area, is to use an independently owned pharmacy. They are not bound by the corporate limitations and can usually secure the specific brand/manufacturer that you have found works best for you. In theory there should not be any significant differences between various generic medications; however, this is not true for many. I, for one, appreciate being able to stick with those manufacturers whose medications have worked best for me. I'm on an opioid pain patch and have found a big difference in the relief I get from different generics. This has also been true for my hormone replacement patch. If a local, independent pharmacy is available, I would encourage you to go that route. I also find that I receive better service and treatment from my small-town pharmacy. Good luck to you.

chuck1957 13 Dec 2016

MPenni; all good answers; But I'm with Chris on this it much easier to work with a small store and they try to keep the brands that their customers want. Where chain stores we punch in a number and get the brand the suits in new york want us to order. Because of the order for all of their stores to get big specials to the chain stores. But if you don't have a small store close to you free discount card

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