Type 1 diabetic for 20 years. I am currently on an insulin pump taking NOVOLOG rapid acting insulin. Due to job loss and other factors, I do not have insurance anymore. I am currently on my last month supply of insulin and am looking for affordable alternatives. I found that Walmart sells Novolin 70/30 which isn't a RAPID acting but a SHORT acting. Upon research, I have discovered these are different and I can't use the 70/30 in my insulin pump. I have no problem switching to shots for the time being but I'm not sure how to take the Novalin 70/30 as compared to my NOVOLOG? I can't go see the doctor because of lack of insurance so I was hoping I could find some insulin suggestions from the net? Pretty desperate here.. Never been in DKA and definitely don't want to start now because of this issue! :/ please help?