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Is there a difference in taking klonopin 1MG? My doctor increased my medication?

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LaurieShay 8 Feb 2014

Difference between what? Between 1mg klonopin and ?

Diva8029 9 Feb 2014

How are you?
I went from 0.5mg Klingon to 1 mg klonopin.

LaurieShay 9 Feb 2014

You may notice a difference. Klonopin is a long acting benzodiazepine that will build in your system over time. It is not so great for immediate relief of a panic attack, but will help prevent them from occurring.

Diva8029 9 Feb 2014

Cause on my appt. my doctor told me that Xanax will only last for 4 hours

HeadStarter 8 Feb 2014

If you are taking it for panic disorder, your doctor may think you will have better results with an increase. How is it being prescribed to you or how often are you to take it?


Diva8029 9 Feb 2014

How are you?
My doctor told me to take it only if I have the panic attack and it would last in my system for 2 days.

kova 10 Feb 2014

When I increased from .5mgx2 daily to 1mgx2daily, it took a little while but I felt the difference, it stays with you and I don't think a short acting anxiety med would have made such a positive difference in the long run.
All the best to you in your journey.

Diva8029 11 Feb 2014

Thank you so much, I will try to see what happens cause I just started the 1mg free discount card

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