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What is the difference in scheduled . I noticed some are schedule 2 and some are 4 and then 5 ?

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masso 20 May 2016

You forgot to mention the medication.

DzooBaby 20 May 2016

I assume you are speaking of controlled medications like pain pills and anti-anxiety agents. Scheduled drugs were put in place after the Controlled Subtances Act was put in place back in the "70's. Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that have no medical value like heroin, (marijuana is listed as a Sch 1 but many dispute that this should be changed as studies have suggested otherwise) these drugs are usually illegal to posses, Schedule 2 drugs are drugs like morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, methylphenadate, hydromorphone among others. These drugs have medical value but are very addictive and subject to abuse and must be closely monitored. There are certain rules about prescribing these drugs such as they all have to have a written hard copy prescription to present for fill at the pharmacy-they cannot be "called in" or have refills. Schedule 3 drugs are still strictly controlled but are deemed slightly less abuse potential than schedule 2. Schedule three drugs can be "called in" to the pharmacy and are allowed a certain number of refills. Schedule 4 drugs are slightly less dangerous than schedule 3 and so on. It mainly has to do with how addictive they are and how much abuse potential they have and there are certain rules for prescribing each schedule. This link will explain in more detail:, Hope this helps! free discount card

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