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What's the difference in milligrams in vitamin D?

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RufusGreenbaum 27 Jan 2016

Vitamin D is measured in the blood as 25 hydroxyvitaminD [ 25(OH)D ]
In USA: nanograms per milliliter ( ng/ml )
Outside USA: nanomols per Litre ( nmol/L )

10 ng/ml = 25nmol/L

As a supplement or medicine, Vitamin D is measured:
In USA: International Units ( IU )
Outside USA: Micrograms

1,000 IU = 25 micrograms ( often written: μg )

No-one should take "milligrams" of Vitamin D without advice from a medical professional !

For a discussion about "How much Vitamin D do I need ?" search for: "GreenVits" & read the blogs

For information about whether Vitamin D might prevent or treat more than 50 illnesses, search for: "VitaminDwiki" Note that the whole website can be viewed in 60+ languages !

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