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What is th difference in diazapam and alprazolam?

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balbanese 9 Jun 2014

Diazepam is less potent and has a different application than Alprazolam. You can look these up here on our site for a complete description of both meds. Hope this helps.

pamee 9 Jun 2014

Hello Eeyoreblue,
They are both benzodiazepines with diazepam having a longer half life so it would stay in your system longer, also diazepam is an excelent medication for muscle spasms etc. The alprazolam has a short half life, but works quickly if you suffer from severe anxiety or panic attacks, but leaves your system faster than diazepam. Due to alprazolam leaving your system rather quickly it is easer to become addicted to it as you would need more and more to get the same relief. All benzos are habit forming/addicting and should never be used over 2 weeks. I hope this has helped you better understand!
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