I keep searching to find this answer but I never find the info I'm looking for. Are they both exactly the same or not. If not what is the difference?
Reason I ask is I was prescribed Wellbutrin for smoking/ mild depression and it seemed to work well. My husband also had quit smoking and I thought he should try Wellbutrin as well. So he went to his doctor and asked to try Wellbutrin out and they said they would write him a prescription. When he went to pick it up it was Zyban 150mg & weirdly the dosage was only for one pill a day (not 2 a day like Wellbutrin)... the pharmacist even said she thought it would usually be 2 day as well.
Anyhow, we called the doctors office to get more details but haven't gotten any response yet. Until then, I was hoping to get some information through here if possible.
We basically want to know more about the two medications. Every time we do a web search on Zyban not much comes up and search results show as if I was searching about wellbutrin. Please give us any and as much info as possible. Thank you...