I was taking Tegretol XR 400mg/2xday for many years and now have be been changed to plain Tegretol 400mg/1xday and 200mg/1xday. I have been taking it for nerve damage in my face wich causes painful twitching and sagging of one of my eyelids which interferes with my vision.
My question is, I was told by my neurologists that the XR was a 12 hour med and the regular was a 8 hour type med. He explained it in more depth than that in that the XR reacts faster and stays at that level and stops after 12 hours. The regular tegretol gradually goes up and than starts going down over a 8 hour period. My primary physician changed this because of my blood check which has always been done. Today is the start of my fifth day and I'm having problems with my face.
Am I right about the differece in the regular tegrotol and the XR?
By the way I agree with others, take it on time everyday and don't miss a dose. It makes a big difference.
am contacting drs. nurse again today to see if she understands the difference in the meds.