Dear Sirs,

I am a patient with CKD on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant and my nephrologist has been prescribing Rena-Vite Rx Tabs (CYP 161 Yellow) for few years. However, Blue Cross Health Insurance has recently denied coverage for Rena-Vite Rx Tabs (CYP 161 Yellow).

In order to find a more affordable way to continue using Rena-Vite, I tried searching the internet and found Rena-Vite Tabs at Amazon.

I noticed that it was from Cypress Pharmaceuticals so I order it. However when I opened the container, I noticed that and color was RED and the identification was CYP 162. I'm confused if I could take it or not.

Please let me know if there is any differences between both types.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Luiz Crepaldi