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What is difference between OxyContin and oxycodone?

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Windchimes123 11 Jun 2017

Hi Honey Do,
We have one short-acting and one long-acting.
Oxycodone usually lasts 4-6 hours. It also has a more immediate action. 20-30 min.
OxyContin is long-acting lasting 12 hours but if there is a tolerance or the pain levels are high, it may last only 6-10 hours. OxyContin has a longer half-life so it's going to stay in your body longer after the last dose.
OxyContin is made of a matrix type delivery systems. Why important?
Be cause it different than other meds even if it looks like a pill. The matrix is broken down in the gastric juices but only the amount that is it planned. As the pill continues to go down to the intestines, another certain amount of medication is reaped on the system.

I would try to stay off the OxyContin unless the dose prescribed with the Oxycodone doesn't hold you. I'm saying that because it's harder to withdraw.
One more point... OxyContin didn't really put me in a good frame around.
I looked at it as a commitment by knowing you are officially on Opioids constantly. I would wake up in the morning just to find it was all a bad dream (wishful thinking). It would give me a chance to see how bad the pain was that morning.
On Codone I'd wait sometimes until 3pm before I needed the short-acting. I was getting deeper into the addiction. I didn't like that and didn't understand why he was giving me hard time.
Well... I may be a drug dealer and making a lot of money with the higher pill amount!
I'm 67 in 2 weeks and stay inside most of the time !
Maybe I look younger and COULD possibly be a dealer ? Lol... Nooooo
Good luck to you .
PS ... don't forget you need laxatives with the use of any opioids . Or you will have a problem!!! free discount card

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