I've taken generic Percocet (Oxycodone,) for my back/surgeries for years, and through the years have learned that Hydrocodone and Lortab, (which was TOLD was the same,) set off my horrible migraines, and was also allergic to some "same thing" type meds. Basically, my pharmacy just started filling my Oxycodne prescription with Endocet, so... before changing a TON of medical records about what medications I take, is there ANY difference in the two, or reason (insurance? Phamacy in with certain company brands, etc.,) they would give me a different medication without asking me or my doctor, and is this the SAME THING, or CLOSE TO IT? (I'm all for generic if it's the SAME and CHEAPER, but I definitely don't want to have to take MORE medicine for migraines or have an allergic reaction again, just because they gave me something different for their profit.