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What's the difference between the oxycodone 7.5 5/325mg and oxyxodone 15mg?

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Windchimes123 3 Apr 2017

Hi Eddie,
Thank you for being specific.
Oxycodone is a short acting opioid. It's good for pain that needs to be relieved quickly but lasts 4-6 hours.
The 325 mg is Acetaminophen (Tylenol) which enhances the effect of the Oxycodone so it's combined into one pill.
The Oxycodone 15 mg is DOUBLE the strength of the 7.5 mg and without the Acetaminophen.
You could take a 325 mg Acetaminophen with the Ocycodone 15mg.
Hope this helps.

sparkyinfla 3 Apr 2017

Based on the information you provided in your question, the 15mg Oxycodone Is double the Oxy dose w/o any ibuprofen or acetaminophen compounded with the it. free discount card

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