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What is the difference between a op and and an oc?

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kaismama 12 Jan 2013

In what context?

DzooBaby 14 Jan 2013

Supposidly nothing. OC is Oxycontin and OP is reformulated Oxycontin. Oxycontin was reformulated to make it harder to crush. If you hit it with a hammer, it will flatten out and maybe break into a few pieces but it wont crush (and the pieces still retain some of the time release properties-crushing no longer bypasses the time release mechanism). there was also a polymer added so that when it hits liquid, it turns to a gel so that it cannot be snorted or injected. The reformulation is meant to make OxyContin lass prone to abuse by snorting or injecting. If you swallow the pill whole, it should be about the same although many of the pain patients on it dont feel that it works quite as well as the OC formulation. OCs also release about 40% of the drug immediately and slowly release the other 60% while the OPs are totally time release which may be why many pain patients dont feel the same relief. It no longer acts as both immediate and time release like it used to. OCs are no longer in production for the past two years. If you find an OC it is at least 2 years old and likely not as effective as it once was. free discount card

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