Hello! Long time reader, first time poster! I have severe Endometriosis and recently, this has been the absolute worst year I've dealt with it in the ten years of having it. Unfortunately, I've been hospitalized at least once a month (if not more), for at least a week at a time, for the past 12 months. I'm miserable.

With that being said, I'm wondering if anyone has advice or the same feelings with these two medications as I do. Outside of the hospital, I'm on the 75mcg fentanyl patch and change it every 48 hours and it works really well and helps control my pain... unless I'm on my period then it feels as if I'm taking nothing.

When I've been given IV fentanyl push, I legitimately don't feel a difference. I don't even feel any sort of evidence of it like a small high, sleepiness, etc. I'm also including IV fentanyl that I've been given right before surgery. I definitely don't feel the fentanyl but feel the lidocaine and Propofol.

Then, when I take my Dilaudid pill for breakthrough pain, I don't notice much of a difference, if one at all. However, when given IV Dilaudid, I instantly feel that warm fuzzy feeling of a small high (I maintain that the high I feel is because my pain level is finally beneath at least a 7, if only for a few minutes).

So, I guess my question is, does anyone else not get a high when given IV fentanyl but use the fentanyl patch and have success with it? I usually don't even notice a pain difference when given IV fentanyl the way I do with IV Dilaudid. I've heard fentanyl is stronger than Dilaudid so I'm very confused why this doesn't work. Perhaps the dose is too small? But they give such a high dose for surgery and I still don't notice it? I'm only asking because I want to better communicate with my doctors and wanted to see if others had this same type of experience!

Thank you and I'm sorry for the long post! Any feedback is helpful!