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What is the difference between hydracodone and oxycodone?

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DzooBaby 6 Sep 2013

This one gets answered about once a month. Hydrocodone and oxycodone are both opioid analgesics. Hydrocodone is a controlled substance Schedule III and is considered a lower abuse potential (although there are those who would like that changed) than oxycodone, which is Schedule II. A schedule III medication like hydrocodone can be called into the pharmacy and is allowed to have refills. A schedule II, the patient has to have a hard copy written prescription for each fill. It cannot be called in or have refills. Hydrocodone is only available as a combination medication in the US-it is mixed in combination with acetaminophen. It is not available by itself in the US. Oxycodone is available as a combination med with acetaminophen, it is available alone as a single entity drug and is also available in a long acting or extended release pill. Hydrocodone isnt available as a long acting or extended release drug in the US yet. Both medications are very effective for pain although the hydrocodone is considered less strong than oxycodone mg for mg-10mg of hydrocodone is considered equivalent to 5mg oxycodone. The dose for hydrocodone is limited by the fact that it is only available in combination with acetaminophen. There is no ceiling dose for oxycodone as a single entity drug. The drug can be titrated as high as the person has tolerance for.

annykat 18 Mar 2017

Here in Fl my pain Dr. can now send a prescription electronically to the pharmacy. Normally, I have to make an appt for every 30 days. The pharmacy will only fill prescription 2 days ahead of when you had it the last time. So if it was on the 30th, yu can get it filled on the 28th of the next month & not 1 hr sooner. free discount card

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